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Due to the numerous items we have available, not all items are displayed on our online shop. We supply oils in different sizes to cater your professional practice or business.  The information below gives you an overview of our full range of oil products available for ordering, please contact us for more details and quotation. 

Some of the items listed below are for professional use only. Please seek professional advice before purchasing if you are not a qualified aromatherapist. 

CO2 Extracts

Size Available: 5ml/ 10ml/ 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml

Ajowan CO2-se
Celery CO2-seCoriander CO2-seLavender CO2-seRose CO2-seThyme CO2-se
Allspice CO2-to
Chamomile Blue CO2-seCumin Seed CO2-se
Lilac CO2-se
Rosemary ct. Camphor CO2-toTurmeric CO2-se
Angelica Root CO2-seChamomile Blue CO2-to
Dill Seed CO2-se
Marjoram Sweet CO2-seRosemary ct. Cineol CO2
Balm Leaf CO2-se
Chili Pepper CO2-toFrankincense Carterii CO2-seMyrrh CO2-seSage, Dalmatian CO2-se

Buddha Wood CO2
Cinnamom Bark CO2-seFrankincense Serrata CO2-seNutmeg CO2-seSage, Greek CO2-se

Caraway CO2-se
Clove Buds CO2-se
Galangal CO2-toOregano CO2-se
Sandalwood CO2

Cardamom CO2-seCocoa CO2-se
Ginger CO2-toOrris Root 3% CO2-se
Siberian Fir CO2
Carrot Seed CO2-seCoffee CO2-to
Juniper Berries CO2-sePeppermint CO2-seStar Anise CO2-se

Essential Oils

Size Available: 5ml/ 10ml/ 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml

(A - G)
Angelica Root
Black PepperCassia
Cinnamom Leaf
Fennel, Sweet
Angelica Seed
Buddha Wood
Cedarwood AtlasCitronella
Eucalyptus, Lemon
Frankincense Carterii
Basil ct. Chavicol
Chamomile Blue
Clary SageEucalyptus, Radiata
Chamomile RomanCypressEucalyptus, Smithii
BergamotCarrot SeedCinnamom Bark
DillEucalyptus, Wild

(H - O)

Helicrysum, Corsican


Juniper BerriesLavender High Alt.
Lavandin Intermedia
Mandarin Red
Myrtle ct. Cineol

Helicrysum, Italian



Lavender High Alt.

(Wild Pick)

LemonManukaNeroli (Orange Flower)
Lavender Bulgarian
Marjoram SweetNiaouli
Jasmin Sambac
Lavender, FrenchLavender Spike
LemongrassMay ChangOregano
Jasmin WhiteLavender Fine
Mandarin GreenMyrrh
(P - Z)
PalmarosaPetitgrain Mandarin
Rosemary ct. Camphor
Scots PineSweet OrangeVanilla
PatchouliRavintsaraRosemary ct. Cineol
Tea TreeVetiver
PeppermintRose AbsoluteSageSpikenard Indian
Thyme ct. Linalool

Peppermint Japanese

(Corn Mint)

Rose AttarSandalwood IndianSpikenard Nepalese
Thyme ct. Thymol
Ylang Ylang Extra
Petitgrain BigaradeRose Otto
Sandalwood New Caledonian
Star Anise

CO2 Used As Base Oils

Size Available: 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml/ 250ml/ 500ml

Borage CO2-to
Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2-to
Calendula CO2-to
Sea Buckthorn Seed CO2-to
Evening Primrose CO2-toWheat Bran CO2-to
Rosehip Seed CO2-to


Size Available: 50ml (For Tamanu only)/ 100ml/ 250ml/ 500ml/ 1L

Sweet AlmondChamomile Blue - infused in sun flower oilSesame, White (unroasted seeds)
Aloe Vera Gel (Food Grade)CoconutSt. Johnswort - infused in olive oil
Arnica - infused in sun flower oilJojobaTamanu
AvocadoNeutral Base CreamWheatgerm
Calendula - infused in sun flower oil
Olive Oil Extra Virgin


Size Available: 100ml/ 250ml/ 500ml/ 1L

Immortelle (Helicrysum)

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